• Projects and construction management for research and evaluation of mineral deposits.


  • Projects and management of mineral resources exploitation Sections A), B), C) and D).


  • Advisory and monitoring system for the implementation of CE marking of aggregates.


  • Projects and sterile tailings management.


  • Projects and settling ponds address.


  • Projects and management of mineral processing plants; crushing and screening plants aggregates; ornamental wrought workshops rock; auxiliary construction industries: concrete plants, asphalt, ceramics, plaster, cement, etc ...


  • Projects and special blasting address: demolitions, underwater, underground, in bank, ditch, etc ..


  • Projects and address and deposits of explosive powder kegs.


  • Projects and conducting workshops of pyrotechnic products; fixed points of sale and any pyrotechnics; pyrotechnic safety studies activities.


  • Projects and management of water bottling plants.


  • Plans management of natural resources.


  • Projects and direction for the use of underground space.


  • Projects and construction management of maintenance, ventilation, services in underground spaces.


  • Projects and management of waste recycling plants and other construction.

  • Projects and management of waste tanks construction and others.


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