• Training in general.

  • Training for obtaining the certificate of Technician in Occupational Health and Safety, basic level.

  • Training of the necessary preventive resources in various activities.

  • Approved by the Construction Labour Foundation to teach all courses related to the TPC.

  • Approved by the Foundation of Metal to teach courses related to the field of their collective agreement and obtaining the TPC metal.

  • Recognised by the area of ​​industry, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, our ability to train employees of stalls selling pyrotechnics.

  • Training workers in mining activities. We are authors of various training manuals for operators in extractive outdoor activities, namely:

    • Loaders and Hydraulic Excavator. Approved by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

    • Transport machinery operator: dump trucks and trucks. Approved by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

    • Workers drilling and blasting.

  • Company licensed by the Tripartite Foundation for management bonuses, share via social security, training costs of employees in active enterprises.


 - Barcelona - Zaragoza -

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